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I’m Calum Campbell-Coles, a graphic designer specialising in visual identity, animation, and website design for small businesses and start-ups that want to dance to their own beat.

Mamma Makers

Coming soon!

Bump Birth and Beyond

Coming soon!

What I’m known for

Spontaneous dance-offs + Empty bottles of tequila + Can-do attitude + Occasional monobrow + Fluffy pancakes + Glastonbury Festival wristbands + Board games + Eating meals far too quickly + Punctures in bike tyres + Worst member in a pub quiz + Large cheese plants + Children trampled glasses + Awful puns + Black coffee + Having a hip-hop song for every occasion + Graphic design

Firestone Freezer

Coming soon!

Big Boys

Coming soon!

Let’s work together

I’m currently a full-time Graphic Designer at Upshot, but if you feel like we can work together on a project, get in touch and we can see how we can bring it into the studio.